KokaneeSigns sample page


banner signage



Simple small V-carve wooden signs:

From $45 and up (without finish or hardware)

sample number sign

sample sign









Larger V-carve banner signs (up to 12 inch wide 5 feet long)

 $150 to $400 depending on size, material  and complexity


sign anilin dye

vcarve sign









 Edge glued Panels

Left side sample with high relief motives  3.5 by 2 feet fir ~$800

Right side sample with carved motive 3.5 by 2 feet ~$600

sign with moldings

Timberframe sign









Raised Letters

Left: prism lettering in edge grain fir, black resin background, 20 by 10, ~ $400

Right: cut out letters in foam or engineered wood products applied to background 18 by 9, ~ $ 200


prism letters sign

raised letter sign laquered









Hybrid / Custom signs

Left, purple heart sign with aluminum insert, lacquered , ~1 foot, ~$350

Right, purple heart with metallic enamel, ~1 foot, ~$250

purple heart aluminum sign

logo sign








Metal signs


Left, polished aluminum with resin insert letters, 5 by 12 inches ~$350

Right cut through stencil text ~1 by 1.5 feet, semi-polished, ~ $200

aluminum with resin letters








The projects above are intended as samples of ideas. The approximate price range given is a rough indication of labor and material costs, not of design.  Customers can provide their own design on formats such as DXF .DWG .AI .PDF .PVC

Please use the “Contact” form to inquire, or to leave a callback number.

You can also call me at 250 505 5305


aluminum sign