rockerball rocking stool
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Cherry rockerball (custom order)


rocking chair rockerball

rocking chair rockerball

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Cherry rockerball


This product is out of stock, a cherry stool can be custom ordered.

Standard rockerball rocking stool, cherry with  gloss hybrid finish. Polished aluminum stem. A one-of-a kind with striking wood details, featuring extra wide leg room (front corners lowered to accommodate larger legs)

This product  can be shipped with either a long or short metal stem, to accommodate user size. See the Design page for proper sizing and styles of motion.

Surface shipping and insurance to most European countries adds about 90 $CAD to listed price. US customers can add proximately 40$ for shipping. All prices in Canadian dollars.

Warranty: two year warranty from the date of original purchase. Explicitly excluded from warranty are impact damages (such as dropping the stool from heights) and normal wear to the finish.

Please use the Contact form to request detail pictures or additional information for any specific product .


Floor requirement: Rockerstools will function well on any flat floor surface. Wide and excessively cupped floorboards will interfere with the proper range of motion. Wood and linoleum floors are ideal. Carpeted surface work fine too (full-on 1960’s pink shaggy carpets have  never been fully tested…) Floors can be protected with a chair mat if needed, (probably a good idea on  concrete floors too.)  Standard bamboo or synthetic chair mats work fine with Rockerstool products.


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Information Complémentaire

Poids 7 kg
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 10 cm


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