RockerStool is based in the Kootenays, Southern British Columbia, Canada.


the shop

All the woodworking and metal casting of these rocking stools is done in an artisan fashion, in a small shop in the village of Argenta, British Columbia. On a Birch model, everything (including growing the tree) is made in the Kootenay, except for 7 bolts and 2 pounds of aluminum ore…

Each chair is unique and numbered. The variations in price between pieces  reflects the species of wood used and the execution; from that day many years ago when the tree started growing, to the last coat of finish. The stools are under a two year warranty from the date of original purchase. Explicitly excluded from warranty are impact damages (such as dropping the stool from heights) and normal wear to the finish.

This year’s  model reflects the present moment in a multi-year evolution through shapes, materials, and ideas. Next year will be different…

Rockerstool was born of my desire to sit comfortably, and have fun at the desk.  I grew up in Switzerland where I developed a passion for building and prototyping.  I work mostly with  wood, metals and composites.  As a student of history and evolution, I enjoy the flow of ideas into matter, as shaped by the passage of time. Last but not least, as a long term  back sufferer, I have grown to strongly dislike most chairs money could buy, and decided to build my own…


house, viewed from the shop

house from the shop

The museum-4

testing range (& house)